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Courtallam the ‘Spa of south and poor man's Ooty, is a panchayat town situated at an elevation of about 13 Km from Surandai.  It is dedicated to Lord Thirukutralanathar (Siva).  It is said that Lord Siva send saint Agastheyar to the south to avoid imbalance due to overcrowding in the mount Kailas on his celestial wedding.  Another notable feature of Courttalam is Chithra Sabha (in which a number of mural paintings of rural deities and stories from epics are depicted in the central hall.  This sabha is one of the five Sabas where Lord Nataraja performed the Cosmic-dance.  Moreover this temple contains many inscriptions about Chola and Pandya Kings.  Chitra Sabha is made out of medicinal herbs.  The wooden carved planks serve as doors. Numerous rivers such as the Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River originate here.  It is famous for its waterfalls and has a number of health resorts.  The nearest railway station to courttalam is Tenkasi which is just 5 km from here.
This is not only a tourist sport but also a health resort.  Courttalam water has medical properties since the water runs through forests of herbs and the water therapeutic qualities to cure physical ailments.  During the season (period June to September in every year) thousands of tourists from far and near visit this place.  The waters of the falls are believed to have medicinal properties as they run through forests of herbs before their descent.  Tourists who visit and bathe in the waters claim that the water has a smoothing effect, help the old feel young and the sick heal rapidly.  This place has a chill and a superb climate with sizzling of rain drops over us removes the stresses in our mind.  The pure wind that starts from pothigai malai (mountain) removes the tiredness from our body. 

'The Fruit Garden falls' is the pampered kid of Courtallam. Seeds and cuttings of different plants and trees that give exotic varieties of fruits can be got from here. Some of the fruits that grow here are ramdan, mangoosten, egg fruit, dorian...... The main produce is clove, cardamom, jack fruit and mangoosten. These are exported not only to other parts of our country, but also to foreign countries. For those 'urbanites' who bathe under a 'shower' the experience of bathing in the falls will be something to cherish. When one puts one's head under the huge amount of water hurtling down the mountain, one does feel scared, but once one stands under the falls, it is nothing but bliss. With the advent of the season the masseurs are in great demand.

Falls -> Gushing from a height of 550 ft from the Western Ghats.


  1. Peraruvi (Main Falls)
    The most popular and frequented waterfalls are the Main falls.  Not only during the season, but also during the period November to January, the crest receives the Northeastern monsoon emptying itself on the slopes to swell the falls and the Chittar River.  From a height of 300 ft., the Chittar River makes its last descent to the plains.
  1. Chittraruvi
    Adjacent to the Main falls is a small cascade called “Chittraruvi”.
  1. Shenbaga Devi Falls
    A mile away from the Main falls is the Shenbagadevi falls, so called because of its location near to the temple of Shenbagadevi.  During full moon days large crowds visit this temple.
  1. Thenaruvi (Honey Falls)
    About 3 miles from the Main falls on the upper crusts of the rocks is the Honey falls.  It is so called because of beehives on the promontory.  It is a romantic place of solitude and those who seek seclusion come here to meditate on reality.
  1. Aintharuvi (Five Falls)
    Connected by a good road about 3 miles from the Main falls are the Five falls, so named as the cascade spreads in five heads like a hooded cobra.  This spot is venerated highly as it presents an image of Adishesha with several hoods.
  1. Pazhathotta Aruvi
  1. Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls)
    About 6 furlongs form the Main falls is the Tiger Falls with a temple for Shastha nearby.  Bathing ghats have also been provided for pilgrims. This falls is also been called as "Pasupatha Shastha".
  1. Pazhaya Courtallam (Old Falls)
    About 4 miles from the Main falls is the Old falls, rarely frequented.  Apart from all these falls the place is also famous for the Shiva shrive, Thirukootala nathar, (“Lord of three peaks”).
  1. Palaruvi (Milk Falls)or Puthu Aruvi
    Perched at an elevation of 1,00 ft, and one and half miles from the Main falls is the New falls amidst a sylvan landscape of wild forest.  The panoramic view from this ledge is beautiful affording a sight of the entire town below.
Other than falls there is some thing special in and around Courtallam

1. Oil Massage
2. Viswanath Rao Park
3. Zoo
4 .Swimming spool
5. Aquarium
6. Fruits, Forest and herbs
7. Kalaivanar Kalayarangam
8. Milk falls (Kerala)
9. Kundar dam with falls
10. Adaivinainar falls

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